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A doctor with tattoos – the real attitude of patients

Imagine the picture – the patient enters the emergency department of the hospital. He needs a medical examination and subsequent hospitalization. A doctor comes to him, and not just a doctor, but, for example, the Earth . And suddenly the patient declares: “I don’t like tattoos and therefore I consider him incompetent! I will not be treated by this doctor, give me another one! ” The conclusion is clear: the patient is ill with a completely unserious disease, or does it altogether simulate.

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The initiator of the emergency room, Dr. Brooke Worster , was the initiator of a social study on how patients in hospitals actually relate to doctors who carry tattoos. She works in one of the hospitals in Pennsylvania (USA) and sincerely perplexed about directives regarding the appearance of doctors, who are called down from above. For some reason, top officials are convinced that having doctors have tattoos on exposed parts of the body is a violation of the professional ethics of this profession.

It makes absolutely no difference to patients whether there are tattoos on the doctor or not.

The experiment lasted 9 months, 924 patients were interviewed. Implementing this project was the statistical company Altmetric (they can provide a detailed report with all the figures on request). The respondents evaluated the professionalism, friendliness, ease of communication between the doctors of the clinic, where they had to undergo treatment. And an unequivocal conclusion was made – it is absolutely indifferent to patients whether there are tattoos on their doctor or not . It was also found that the sick do not care who treats them: a man or a woman.

“To be honest, I was not at all surprised by the results of this experiment. For me, everything was obvious without him. No matter what instructions they sent me, I never even thought about hiding my tattoos at work. For all the time I work in the hospital, I have only met several negative attitudes towards my tattoos. Yes, and then, this negative came only from other doctors, “ – says Dr. Brooke Worster.

Tattoos help build trust

“On the contrary! Tattoos help to establish a trusting relationship with the patient, to become closer to him. If the patient also likes tattoos, then this is generally the ideal case! And if not, then someone will definitely start telling me that his stupid daughter or son has also made a tattoo for himself. And we begin to communicate at a completely different level of trust. Patients begin to forget about their own illnesses and injuries. The results of a study conducted on a strict scientific basis, say categorically: all the instructions regarding tattoos that American doctors are forced to follow are meaningless and far from reality. ”

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