A nursing home escaped from a nursing home to get a tattoo.

Sadie Sellers - a 79-year-old tattoo

For a whole year now, every day a certain Tony Sellers , who lives in the county of Londonderry in Northern Ireland, goes to see his 79-year-old mother by the name of Sadie Sellers in a nursing home. One fine July day, once again visiting her, in her room, besides an empty wheelchair, he found nothing.


In anxiety, having called all the relatives, it turned out that Sadie , who already has the title of great-grandmother, went to meet her granddaughter at the nearest tattoo parlor to do the first tattoo in her life. In the words of a funny grandmother, she always admired the piercing and tattoos of her granddaughter, and finally decided to decorate her body herself. “When you live to see my age, you will realize that every day you have to live to the fullest! And what others will think — I don’t f *** ing care! ” – comments on his act Sadie .

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