Ambulance for mixing tattoos

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“Basically, these are wedding rings on ring fingers, some kind of nonsense below the loins, small curls and hieroglyphs ,” says a Canadian guy named Sasha Elise about what he has to work with. He decided to open his own small business, namely, he bought and converted the decommissioned ambulance into a mobile office for mixing tattoos.


“I came up with this idea when I myself thought about the need to get rid of the stupid tattoo, which I acquired at the age of 16. I have nothing against tattoos! I decided to make a coperap, but my tattoo artist said that I still need a laser correction and advised me to go to a clinic that was located very far from my house. ”

Having a van is much better than paying rent for a room

“For eight years I served in the Canadian Air Force and all this time I dreamed of having my own business. I liked the idea of ​​opening an office for mixing tattoos in my hometown. But Moose Joe is a small town and it was impossible to count on a large number of clients here. It was then that the idea was born to move with their services in other small towns of the state. «

“Having your van is much better than constantly paying money for renting a room! Due to the fact that this car was an ambulance in the past, my clients should not worry about compliance with sterility standards. It is perfect for my purposes! Inside, only stainless steel and vinyl! At the moment I serve nine locations. A schedule of movements can always be tracked on my site. ”

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