Attention! Infected tattoo paint!

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There is no desire to scare you and bring panic to the ranks of tattoo artists and tattoo fans, but we consider it necessary to bring to the attention of the statement, which was recently published on the website of the FDA . According to him, in the course of a recent inspection, it was revealed that the products of some manufacturers of tattoo pigments are infected with bacteria that are dangerous to humans .


Referring to the possibility of causing serious harm to health, representatives of the FDA urged to abandon use, as well as to withdraw from sale the following tattoo pigments:

  • Scalpaink SC, Scalpaink PA, Scalpaink AL from the main palette of black, manufacturer Scalp Aesthetics , consignment 06.08.2018-01.10.2018;
  • Dynamic Color Black ; manufacturer Dynamic Color Inc , batch numbers 12024090 and 12026090;
  • Solid Ink Diablo Red , manufacturer of Color Art Inc , a consignment of goods from 10/19/2018.

These tattoo inks are infected by pathogenic bacteria.

It is alleged that these tattoo inks are infected by pathogenic bacteria, which, if ingested during a tattoo procedure, can cause infections, and cause serious health problems.

“After a tattoo session, you may feel a chill, which will be accompanied by red rashes in the area where the tattoo was applied. Such tattoos can leave strong scars on the skin. Signs that your body is infected may be signs of an allergic reaction. In this connection, it is rather difficult to establish the correct diagnosis and determine the source of infection, ”the FDA statement, which can be found on the organization’s official website , says . We urge him to study it in the original language to all tattoo artists who use these tattoo pigments in their work .

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