Biomechanical Tattoo

A biomechanical tattoo is a body art that melds some parts of the body by use of a machine to form a tattoo imagery of robotic or machine parts. Part machine, part man, this type of tattoo reveals the inner human biological body makeup.

Biomechanical Tattoos originated from biomechanical art which is a contemporary kind of art. It reflects the human body like mechanical parts. For example, the body joints and bones are represented by parts of a machine like pistons and gears. The movie titled “Alien” brought this type of tattoo into the limelight in 1979.

The movie inspired tattoo artists to develop this prolific style of design which is referred to as biomechanical tattoo. The traditional tattoo patterns like birds, arrows, hearts, maori, stars, flowers, anchors, feathers, dream catchers, bows and hearts have been popular for ages, but biomechanical tattoos are a newer innovation which has gradually gained popularity over time.

These tattoos have become so popular because their design elements are pretty interesting, tracing their roots into robotics and mechanics. The complexity of designs and the creative application of colors make the biomechanical tattoos more interesting and captivating. The tattoo has various designs, which makes every tattoo unique. So many additions and modifications make each design a unique one, based on bearer’s taste.

The Elements

The intricate design elements and incredible features of the biomechanical tattoos are done by tattoo experts with great skills in creating outstanding color mixes with high diligence. These tattoos feature some amazing and intricate design elements.

They can be designed by tattoo artists who are experienced in creating color and detailed combinations of these elements with great care.

The tattoos depict different biomechanical parts of the human body as their primary elements. The parts can include levers, gears, rods, pipes and chips. Any part of the body where the biomechanical tattoo is drawn is transformed to look like a part of a machine instead of the part of a body.

For example, when a biomechanical tattoo is inked on the leg or arm, it makes the leg or arm to look like a mechanical part. This is made possible because the artists make use of 3D effects. Using this artistry produces a stunning effect, therefore giving the bearer a bang for the buck.

The black and grey colors gives these tattoos a realistic look and if you prefer something non-conventional, you can go for a multicolor tattoo. This type incorporates flesh colored and a ripped skin elements. For some individuals, these tattoos can imply that they love technical things.

Their symbolic meaning

Similar to other tattoos, the biomechanical tattoos have a symbolic meaning. This makes such tattoos specifically suitable for lovers of tattoos who love creativity, mechanics and technology. And these passionate bearers love to showcase these tattoos as being an element of their body. The designs are fit for those who have a sense of modern creativity and not so much for those who are still tied up in their love for the ancient and traditional stuff. So, the biomechanical tattoo designs are suitable for persons who are ready to explore new and innovative things.

But there is another opinion. Some people say differently:

The symbolic value of these tattoos does not have any connections with individual believe or emotions as is the case of other tattoo designs. These tattoos represent a high level of commitment for the pain they endured for them to have it and the value for their money. Additionally, it is a sigh for their love for imagination and creativity.


Common Designs

With the innovations and mechanization of the current world, people have been drawn to the new technology. The obsession and devotion that people have with biomechanical things have made them translate it into the tattoo business with the help of the innovativeness of the tattoo artists. Even if these tattoos do not have symbolic value beyond the biomechanical love, their design looks great. They displays your love and imagination for creative thinking.

In tattoo arts, biomechanical tattoos are among the top when it comes to creativity and sophistication. The designs have no particular design format; the imagination and creativity of the tattoo artist are what determine the result. Although the biomechanical tattoo’s main components consist of the parts of a machine which explains the different bodily function, some other elements have been introduced like vampires, demons, and skulls. It may also feel good to add some old tattoo elements like the Koi Fish and the dream catcher designs as well as the use of skeleton. Biomechanical tattoos have different forms available for both feminine and masculine though a majority is masculine. You will observe that a lot of men have biomechanical tattoos half sleeve, full sleeve, thigh, back and chest.

The Biomechanical tattoos are suitable for people who have a great passion for technology and innovation and desire to showcase it in their physical appearance. The symbolism of these tattoos does not reflect the bearer’s emotions as it is with other forms of tattoo designs. However, this doesn’t mean the bearer love the tattoo design less than the bearer of other types of tattoo design. In fact, such tattoos show how passionate and committed the bearers are, considering the amount they spend and the pain they go through just to have the artistry on them. It also apparently displays their deep passion for deep thinking and creativity.