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Dad, 42, who spent £50,000 covering entire body with tattoos has ‘no regrets’

A dad-of-two says he has ‘no regrets’ after spending $90,000 (£50,000) covering his body in tattoos. Brent Cross, from New South Wales, Australia, has spent around 750 hours under the needle to feed his addiction after getting his first tattoo aged 25. In a romantic gesture to his wife, Dorothy, he got her named inked onto the small of his back, and his obsession quickly began to snowball. But there is just one particularly sensitive area of his body that Brent is yet to have tattooed, Mail Online reports. He insists he is brave enough to ink his genitals but he is worried it would damage the friendship he has with his old friend and tattoo artist, George Siatos. Brent told Daily Mail Australia: “I do want to get it tattooed but the boss said not yet. “We’re close but not that close.”

He remembers his first tattoo as the one that hurt the most but says having his palms inked was also very painful. Brent added that he loves all his tattoos and enjoys the attention he gets from them. He said: “I’m sure sometimes it makes people think poorly of me when they see me but when they speak to me it becomes a whole different story.”

Most recently, Brent chose to have his seven-month old son’s name, Bastien, tattooed on his back. He said he would respect his kids’ decision to get tattoos, as long as they are not offensive. Among the brightly-coloured artwork that covers his body, Brent has an anime character on his forehead, starts on his nose and flowers on his arms.

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