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66 Belgrano, Córdoba, Córdoba X5000
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We are professionals dedicated to providing you the best service, because we give you the value that corresponds to a job that will take your whole life !!

Faith Tattoo Studio is the materialization of a lifelong dream … the desire to live doing what we love led us to undertake our project and with great effort we are concreting it. We start from below, and know the value of work, dedication and humility. That is why we try to offer those who choose us a professional but friendly treatment, equal to equal because that’s how we are. Without neglecting the quality; And the proper precautions concerning biologically hazardous work. We focus on providing good hygiene and sanitation practices to ensure the safety of both our client and ours, and to be calm.

In terms of infrastructure we have 4 independent tattoo boxes, reception with waiting room, exclusive bathroom for clients, sterilization room and deposit and collection of pathogenic waste; Emergency service for any eventuality, as required by municipal regulations.

We tattoo to live, but we live to tattoo … it is what distributes us, we are happy, it tests us … it makes us grow, as artists and on a personal level because we are fortunate enough to learn something from each one we tattoo …
The name of the place is mainly because we entrust our lives to God. But we also choose it because we believe that faith moves the world, regardless of religion or creed of each, it is the trust that moves us, it is the Fuel of each undertaking.

Without further ado, we invite you to know our place)

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