Glitch tattoo

Glitch tattoo are the ultimate mind trip and definitely a unique way to ink your body. Glitch art is part of the contemporary movement–focusing on distorted imagery.

The beauty of glitch style tattoos is that there is a fit for everyone as long as the art is something they’d like to put on their body. Pop culture to scientific structures to family photos can get the glitch treatment. There are no limitations to what can be glitched.

Glitch Tattoo History

The popularity of digital media and computer-based graphics has brought along a whole new trend. A glitch in the Matrix is described as something in the real world that appears glitchy and pixelated–like in a computer.

Famous street artist Banksy has made a glitch sculpture of Disney’s Little Mermaid in his own Disneyland. Glitch photographies are invading internet. And indeed, the contemporary side of tattoo art has its own glitch tattoos. Forget about the cute pixel tattoos, these pieces are disturbing. Distorting portraits and other designs, they play with our brain. Their optical illusions are trippy and their look is unique. Glitch tattoos are bold and curious… Would you ink them in your body?

Glitch Tattoo Design

Colors really turn out well when working with glitched tattoos. Adding to the illusion of fluidity–the glitch style turns a subject on its head. People will stop you on the street to look at the design.

The black, vivid, glitched-out tattoos marry a dirty, punk style with a new media artist’s sense of digital malfunction. The artist defies tattooing as an artform and flies in the face of the subculture’s decades of tradition.

Glitch Tattoos are not for everyone. They are complex and intricate–real body art and a definite conversation starter. These melty images will mess with the minds of anyone who beholds them. A forever lasting optical illusion.

Glitch tattoo style is a collaboration of traditionally desired ink and today’s modern fascination with technology. It all begins with an extremely colorful animal and then pixels are added to suggest that the rest of the image is still loading. The tattoos show a more upbeat and fun side to the ever-so infuriating glitches and setbacks we all face daily in the technological world.

The pixel art tattoo style brings a pleasing visual effect to the already bright tattoos.

Blending hand-drawn and digital lines are key elements of these types of glitch tattoos. Pixelated designs demonstrate the blending of our social society with digital society. Social media is responsible for new trends in tattooing. This has both positive and negative effects.

Glitched ink designs work best with iconic and recognizable imagery is altered. Do you have the perfect iconic image to be glitched? Any subject or topic is game. Whether Marilyn Monroe, a Campbell’s soup can, or a planet in the solar system the distorted effect of glitch art draws in the audience to the subject matter.


They say that there is art in everything, even in chaos and deformity. Well I guess this saying holds true to our tattoo design theme for today because if there’s one word that can describe these unique designs, it is glitched.

Glitch tattoos concept is simple, make a design and somehow consciously distort a part of it. Just like a TV channel on a bad reception, or a video running from a scratched disc, glitch designs are distinguishable yet rather awkward. The designs are deviations of perfection however it gained its own value and popularity among artists and tattoo enthusiasts.