Gradient tattoo

A gentle flow from one color to the next, gradient tattoos do away with hard lines in favor of a natural flow. Light to dark, blue to red, day to night; where does one end and the other begin? Rarely is the answer simple. Adding a gradient to your tattoo as the background, or as the primary color scheme, adds a degree of softness not easily achieved with solid borders.

Gradient tattoos are a true celebration of color. Body ink takes on a whole new perspective when colors accentuate and highlight the imagery–bringing it life right on the skin.

The art used for gradient tattoos varies greatly–from iconic and artists designed cartoon characters to themes relating to nature, science, the abstract, and anything else.

The ink taking on strong deep hues in parts and fading to faintest of shades in others. This type of blending would seem nearly impossible to achieve on the skin–yet skilled tattoo artists are learning more and more about how to create the illusion of a fading gradient.

Finding the right artist to do the job is a good idea. This type of tattoo works takes a skilled ability to understand color theory and more importantly or to blend the ink flawlessly on the skin. A good gradient tattoo can almost resemble that of a watercolor painting.

Tattoo artists have taken gradient tattoos to the next level–bringing bold colors that contrast with dark black. We’ve found the best tattoo artists for you, and you’ll find the use of monochrome gradients and shadows to create incredible color contrasts and blending.