Graffiti tattoo

Street art and tattoos have a lot in common. Aside from being the object of displeasure among the artistically ignorant, they are both forms of public art. Both are also against what is usually considered as norm and yet, they’re going strong and riding the waves of whatever the hands of their makers can dream of. The world of art is only as big as the artists’s mind, body and soul.

Graffiti refers to drawings or writings scribbled or painted on walls or other surfaces. Graffiti can be simple words or grand paintings etched on walls. The graffiti have been in existence since time unknown and their roots can be traced back to the Roman Empire, Ancient Greek and Egyptian times. In modern art, spray paints and marker pens are used to go creative in graffiti styles. A genre of graffiti artists have come up in today’s world wherein, graffiti is not only promoted by gangs and hip-hop followers, but also to express political and social messages.

Graffiti art tattoos are common among men and women alike. Being unisex in nature, these tattoos can be worn on different body parts like arms, forearms, sleeves, back and foot. Abstract graffiti tattoos are a hit among the daredevils who prefer doing things out of the box. There are endless possibilities while looking for graffiti tattoo designs, ideas and pictures, as such tattoos are not restricted to a single item.

Graffiti tattoo

Need ideas for graffiti tattoos?

Graffiti tattooWith graffiti, you have total freedom to do whatever the fuck you want, and you’re normally doing it where you are not supposed to be doing it. And don’t forget, you’ve got to get it done fast. With tattoos, you have to give the person what they want and take a bit more of your time to get it right, and you can’t fuck up. With spray paint and graffiti you can paint over a mistake, but you can’t do that with tattoos.

To distinctly mesh urban roots with artistic impulses, men are choosing to receive graffiti tattoos in astonishing numbers. The stunning street portraits are bringing the tagging culture straight to your skin!

Graffiti tattoo designs vary from person to person and artist to artist. Maybe you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind font to inscribe your skin with a loved one’s name or phrase full of personal meaning. Cool graffiti tattoos featuring spray paint-like letters or bubble shapes might be the body art look for you. Or maybe you prefer the colorful, informal designs of street art masters like Banksy, Kenny Scharf, and Lady Pink. Scan this list for cute graffiti tattoo ideas that could be just the ink inspiration you’re looking for.

Selecting the Part to Ink a Graffiti Tattoo

Applying this type of tattoo requires a steady hand and an expert artistic eye. Remember to consult with a professional tattoo artist before trying the graffiti tattoo look yourself. Read on to find more body art inspiration.

  • Graffiti tattooBack and the shoulders

The shoulders and the back provide the largest canvas to have a tattoo placed. They are the perfect parts for the large and intricate designs. They are also the best parts to place numerous smaller graffiti designs. Generally, you can place any design on this body parts. By inking your designs on them you will also be able to hide or display the body art as you like.

  • Arms and legs

Arms and legs form the best parts to place the pieces that you would want to display or hide as you will. The areas are small even though they are contoured. That means that the limb shape may affect the shape of your tattoo. This can be beneficial to the tattoos that require areas to wrap. They also form great parts for the smaller designs.

  • Ankles and wrists

These parts form a great canvas for the feminine tattoo designs. You can also use them as an extension of large tattoo designs which extend up the leg or arm. During the tattooing process, most individuals report increased sensitivity in the areas. It may also be hard to cover the tattoos you place on these parts.

  • Chest and stomach

Most individuals often pay less attention to their front body parts than their shoulders and back. Possibly, this is because the areas go through the most contour changes as a person ages. Weight gain or pregnancy can easily change the shape of a tattoo inked on the parts and therefore you should weigh your options before having the design inked on these parts.

As discussed earlier, graffiti means written words or paintings. Graffiti tattoos can portray anything under the sun. Be it your name or the name of a loved one, or words of encouragement or pictures of things which hold symbolic value. For instance, getting your partner’s name tattooed in graffiti art is the symbol of affection, or words like faith, loyalty describe the importance of such terms in your life. Sketches of fire can be interpreted as the burning passion within. Many a times, people prefer graffiti tattoo ideas for they are innovative and creative. Men and women wearing graffiti tattoos can be described as carefree people, who love the attention for their unique tattoos.

When it comes to getting graffiti design inked on you, every single detail can make or even destroy the work. In fact, graffiti designs perhaps are among the most sought after tattoo designs. And most individuals take lots of time when figuring out the best design to have inked on their body parts and on which body part to ink them. For example, if you need a name tattoo, you will have to select the best lettering that will make the name more legible to read.

Some fonts are more suitable when applied on some names while others can make the same name look very different and also very hard to read and understand.

Graffiti tattoo
Graffiti tattoo
Graffiti tattoo

Things to Remember Before Getting the Graffiti Tattoo

Graffiti tattoo designs are inspired by pure urban culture. This makes these graffiti tattoos a medium to engrave these revolutionary designs and sentiments on your own body.

Since it is a new trend in the tattoo industry, there are not many artists who can masterly create a graffiti tattoo. Since they are a very spontaneous and overwhelmingly creative art, you need to find an expert tattoo artist, after effective vetting of his/her past work.

Never rush to get a graffiti tattoo.

You should also take some time before you get the design inked on you. Most people who get a design placed on an impulse often regret them later in life. Don’t ever make such a mistake in your life. If you have a second thought or you even feel as if you are not sure, take some time before going for the design.

Remember that the design will remain on your body for the rest of your life. Graffiti tattoos are always unique and eye catching. But, if you believe that a design is not for you, select a different one.

Before getting a graffiti tattoo design inked on you, you should first research and understand what it means. Often, people regret after getting tattoos, which they later realize that they don’t represent what they needed.

If you are looking for some new tattoo designs, who are different from normal tattoo patterns but at the same time are colorful, strong and bold. You can very well go for a graffiti tattoo. We have collected a number of attractive graffiti tattoos for you.