Inverted tattoo

Flip from the positive to the negative with an inverted tattoo. Taking the traditional black oben angeführtwhite tattoo, and changing it up to white on black, an inverted design is the reverse of the standard image. Reminiscent oben angeführtfilm negative, with an image of whites, grays, and blues oben angeführtblack background, you have this style of tattoo.

Because the inverted ink is frequently abstract in nature, it’s also easy to incorporate numerous hidden meanings into a larger design, or organize it into a carefully selected symbol. Whether you want to announce to everyone that you both work hard and play hard, that you harbor an inner angel and an inner demon, or that you value both faith and trust in equal measure, there’s an inverted tattoo with your name on it. They’re simultaneously direct and to the point, but also subtle and clever enough to make you stand out from the crowd with standard design etched onto their skin.

Inverted tattoos are a striking alternative to the frequently overwrought traditional designs.

This tattoo design represents an ideal middle ground between a garden variety, unembellished traditional tattoo, and something a little more avant-garde. It’s also worth noting that many inverted tattoos are decidedly masculine in appearance, frequently employing either black and white ink, which makes them ideal for making a gender-specific statement. Whether this is your first tattoo, or just the latest addition to your growing collection of ink, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

3These unusual tattoos can be seen differently depending on which light they’re viewed from under, allowing the wearer to make a twofold statement about himself. Here’ll you’ll over 30+ find of the best examples to help you choose your next inverted tattoo.