Philips Electronic Tattoo

Design Probe , a division of the world-famous company Philips , recently announced an invention called Electronic Tattoo or E-Ink , if in English.


The meaning of this invention is the introduction under the skin of a special nano-matrix, which will be able to communicate with a smartphone via bluetooth or wifi. And most importantly – it will be able to display everything that you want. The idea is quite interesting. Imagine how much freedom for the fantasy of those who are obsessed with modifying their bodies. You walk and blink like a Christmas tree! Ideal for cyber-ready and ravers.

Or do you want to show your friend a video from YouTube, expose your forearm, and there is another nonsense that has gathered a lot of views! One of the most important meanings of a tattoo is that it cannot be hidden or removed. And here it turns out: came to work to get settled – turned off, came to the disco – turned on.

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