Reality star gets outrageous 16-inch penis tattoo with words ‘come to daddy’

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A reality TV star has caused outrage with his latest tattoo — a 16-inch penis with ‘come to daddy’ written underneath. Damian ‘Stifler’ Zdunczyk shot to fame on Warsaw Shore, a spin-off of hit show Jersey Shore. He claims his exploits on the show prove his is the biggest partier in Poland and he is known for showing off his heavily-tattooed body. But chances are he will regret his latest ink work that appears on his upper right hand thigh. The 32-year-old shared the tattoo on his Instagram account and has since then claimed to have several offers of sex.

Yet, despite the attention Zdunczyk says he is happy with his girlfriend, 25-year-old Anastasiya Yandaltsava, a Belarussian TV personality. He revealed he is even planning on getting a tattoo of his new love. He said: «Several women wanted to have sex with me, but I was not interested because I now have a really nice girl who I met on TV.» Zdunczyk, who has featured on the show for several years, recently revealed plans to open a new clothing business. He said: «I want to invest in my own company. Together with my team, we intend to launch branded T-shirts on the market.»

He added: «On TV, I have fun and do some things under the influence of alcohol, but I also give 100 percent of myself. «Privately, I am more organised and happy to take part in charitable events for sick children or animals. «If I have an extra 1,000 PLN (£200), I give it to an animal shelter. I have already adopted three dogs.»

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