The head of Nvida tattooed his company logo

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Jensen Huang, according to Fortune magazine, won the title of Businessman 2017 . In the early 90s of the 20th century, he worked as a leading specialist at Sun Microsystems , but tired of constant disagreements with management, at one o’clock he decided to start his own company, which was called Nvida .

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One day, at some informal meeting where Jensen Huang and his partners in new business were present, they spoke about who and how will celebrate the moment when the cost of one Nvida share exceeds $ 100. Deciding to smash all the bets at once, which were mostly reduced to shaving hair, Jensen Huang promised to make himself a tattoo in the form of the logo of his own company. He had to answer for these words very soon.


“I would have done a tattoo myself if it hadn’t hurt so much! The process was watched by my children, it was simply unbearable for me to endure all this, and for me it was noticeable. Even the children made a remark to me that I would pull myself together , ”recalls the head of the company, which once and for all turned the computer games industry upside down.

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