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Woman convinces Tinder date to get matching tattoos BEFORE they met

A man was persuaded to get a matching “four-leaf clover” tattoo with his Tinder date BEFORE they had even met. Chris, from Pennsylvania, USA, impulsively had the tattoo done after matching with Kennedy Walters on the dating app. Kennedy had approached the university student after he jokingly said on his profile that was prepared to get matching ‘tats’. The then shared the results in a picture to social media which has since gone viral. He wrote on Twitter : “My tinder bio was ‘Just trying to find a tinder match to get matching tats with’ and today I was feeling impulsive and actually went and did it.”

Chris had the miniature shamrock tattoo inked on his leg while his date Kennedy – who already has 10 tattoos – opted to have it on her pelvis. The post has already notched up 32,000 likes and dozens of comments from social media users urged the couple to get married. One person said:  “you and that person are connected forever and that’s amazing.”

Another remarked: “This is gonna be a great story or a horrible reminder.” Despite all the attention, the pair have not yet been on their second date, which Chris said is “in the works”.

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